We offer intensive Tuina course and Taoist Classical Medicine workshops as certified continuing education for professionals and practical workshops for all levels who interested in wellness and bodywork. We are developing online training projects using modern technology to deliver public education and health services.

The intensive Tuina course aims to help those with basic knowledge of bodywork, massage or TCM to learn the clinical application of traditional Tuina therapy.  The acupuncture workshop is teaching the locations and original names of acutunnels to enhance the knowledge of traditional acupuncture.

Our courses are designed to match the individual demand of learning, the content and length could be designed individually. We offer part-time program at evenings and weekends to help working practitioners. The course will integrate over 20 years clinical experience with profound knowledge of Tuina and TCM.

Quality assurance: CHINA ACUPUNCTURE & TUINA ASSOCIATION Qualifications, College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia, Canada


Students will be able to select appropriate classical Tuina techniques, learn the clinical practice, identify contraindications, respond to accidents and will have the ability to progress further higher level education.


Tuina applied techniques, diagnosis, treatment, and supervised clinical training. Traditional Chinese Medicine history, philosophy, anatomy, physiology, infectious diseases, ethics, cultural safety and communications. The teaching will mostly follow the requirements for an acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioners.

We introduce traditional Tuina schools that are rarely open to Western practitioners. Pediatric Tuina, FootTao, Tao of Wellness and Cosmetic Tuina are unique therapies in our program.

All course contents also follow the standard applied in Traditional Chinese Medicine colleges and hospitals around the world.

Our founder

Prof. Wen Chen is a Chinese Medicine doctor registered in China, UK and TCM.P in Canada with over 20 years experience. He’s been involved in Chinese medicine at an early age with the family background. Graduated from university of Chinese medicine in China, he continued his learning and practice at local TCM Hospital following famous TCM professor Shouli Yue who is a renowned acupuncture specialist in China.

From the professional hospital practice, he gained profound clinical experience in acupuncture, Tuina and herbal medicine which upgraded him to be the member of Chinese Acupuncture Association and professor of Oriental Medicine Academy, CATA( China Acupuncture &Tuina Association). Prof. Chen is also the member of GCTCM of UK, R.TCM P of Canada and China Taoist Classic Medicine Association (CTCMA).

Prof. Chen is a Senior Master of Tuina awarded by the China Professional Authorization Committee. He has taught Tuina in China Tuina Massage School, Laoshan Centre (Germany), Chinese Medicine Centre (UK) and VancouverTCM (Canada).


In 1986 Prof.Chen began his Tui Na training from a local TCM doctor in Shandong, China. During his study at medical school, Prof.Chen learned the certified Tui Na and passed the national examination to obtain the highest professional level of senior master. At the TCM hospital where he worked in China, he continued his training from the traditional lineage of specific Internal Zangfu Tui Na and pediatrics Tui Na which are unique techniques practiced inside that hospital. The traditional lineage dated back 300 years ago and integrated with Taoist practice. As a rare school of Tui Na, the name is famous among Tui Na practitioners and yet few people get access to the content. The Chinese “culture revolution” during 1966-76 made the previously published documents nearly extinct. Prof.Chen, fortunately, collected existing copies and compiled into a complete book. Martial art acupressure technique and Taoist self- Tui Na are also integrated into Prof.Chen’s Tui Na practice, as he practiced Tai Chi and other classical martial arts over 28 years.

All TCM Tui Na schools require the learner to practice one of the internal martial arts, such as Tai Chi, Shaolin martial art, Qigong etc, in order to build up energy, proficiency in the manipulation skills, joint flexibilities, and well control of qi senses. Tai chi training provides exactly these. Prof.Chen also teaches his patients to practice Tai Chi, Qigong for wellness maintenance.

Prof.Chen set up TCM Meridian & Internal Cosmetic Tuina and integrate traditional Tuina and Reflexology techniques into beauty therapy. This school of Tuina is a great holistic approach for cosmetic rejuvenation.

When Oriental Medicine Academy founded, Prof.Chen focus on the teaching of Taoist classical Medicine to international learners.

Main Techniques

Traditional Rolling style Tui Na of South China,

Taoist Internal Zangfu Tui Na,

Martial art acupressure Tui Na,

Pediatric Tui Na of “Three-character Scripture” school,

Self-Tui Na for wellness,

TCM Meridian & Internal Cosmetic Tuina