Tuina therapy is an energy bodywork physiotherpy which applies the Oriental medicine principle to promote the body’s energy network. Whoever seeking for Tuina training please pay attention to the following suggestions concluded with our 20 years experiences:

1. Hands-on instruction by an experienced instructor is very important. You cannot learn tuina through reading textbooks or watching Youtube. Practicing is the only way.

2. Energy exercise to build up strength and quality of treatment is the key. Make sure you can do one-hour session easily and be able to work the whole day.

3. The common theory of acupuncture is not the same when applied with Tuina, actually, anatomy knowledge with clinical and exercise experiences work better. We need to understand the body in motion and affected by individual symptoms.

4. Case studies with clinical practice will make this therapy useful.

5. Stretch hands and arms every day, preventing injury from incorrect practice.

Private Tui Na Course (60 hours)

This intensive course could be done in 5 days for out of town learners, and consists of forty hours of instruction, followed by twenty hours of practicum and assignments. Training diploma will be issued for the successful complete study. Clinical experience and hand on instruction are the core of this intensive course, which will enable the student to operate own practice in a short term.

Enrollment is limited to l-3 participants to ensure plenty of personal supervision during the learning process. Participants are provided with a complete set of notes to support them in their learning. The content of the course will be general Tuina foundation plus techniques from traditional schools. The tenth version of teaching text has been updated with 30 years experience.

The prerequisite for this course is a completion of a basic course in massage, bodywork or a basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

This course focuses on delivery the understanding of wellness and clinical application using traditional Tuina therapy.

Teach Tuina — Chinese Medicine bodywork with basic theory, history, clinical practice and hand on manipulation instruction, enable learners to understand the holistic therapy of Tuina and master the practical application for clinic treatment.

Diagnosis and treatment knowledge will be taught for most common symptoms. Students will learn to integrate modern medicine with Tuina for alternative health care.

The traditional method of training delivers the original Tuina course dated back over thousands of years in history. Discussion of ancient classics will enhance the understanding of TCM.

Traditional energy exercise is a must-have foundation in Tuina, although most Western academical teaching fails to include it. Energy and manipulation exercise with stretch for certain symptoms will be introduced in the beginning to make the Tuina course more practical for clinical application.

During the long history of Tuina, there have been many different schools with their unique techniques to help specific symptoms. Most valuable schools will be introduced in the course so that students could have a full view of Tuina and pursue their future study.

Tui Na Course 5 days workshop



  1. Introduction of origin of Oriental medicine, the Galaxy Chart
  2. Life, mind, bio-energy and universe orbits
  3. Energy exercises in Tuina
  4. Tuina and hand
  5. Manipulation of pushing & lifting(tui, na)

Day 2

  1. Five planets and energy activity
  2. Bio-energy networks and embryology
  3. Seasonal changes
  4. Energy exercises in Tuina
  5. Yizhichan manipulation (thumb meditation)

Day 3

  1. Tuina treatment for hand &arm
  2. Tuina treatment for shoulder
  3. Clinical diagnosis with observation, pulsing
  4. Manipulation of pointing (an, mo)
  5. Energy exercises in Tuina

Day 4

  1. Tuina networks with tendon channels
  2. Technique training and development
  3. Primary energy and three transformers
  4. Qi and real-time experience
  5. Manipulation of rolling
  6. Tuina treatment for head &neck

Day 5

  1. Case study
  2. Practice review
  3. Exercise for recovery
  4. Session planning
  5. Discussion
  6. Final review

* There might be changes in accordance with the schedule. All contents of handout materials will be covered. Attendants need to use more hours for after-school exercise and practice, though no further reading demanded.

Tuition: CAD $900.00

Pediatric Tui Na Course (20 hours)

This course can apply 24.0 credit for College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia CE/PD program.

This thirty-two hours course will introduce TCM pediatrics Tui Na and teach the techniques for common pediatrics symptoms. Participants will study the TCM theory of pediatrics, traditional schools of Pediatric Tui Na which include the famous “Three-character Scripture” school.

The course is suitable for professionals who would like to add Pediatric Tui Na to their practice and also parents who want to help their kids’ health at home. As our teaching is very practical to hand you the clinical experiences of common pediatrics concerns, students are enabled to start their practice right after the course.

Time: 4 days course at weekends, can be scheduled for weekend plus Monday, Tuesday to shorten the stay of out town learners. Please contact for optional schedule.

Tuition: CAD$500 incl. tax


There are no requirements for this course. Tuition is paid in full at the time of registration.

Tao of Wellness &Tuina ( 20 hours)

Course length: 20 hours ( five Saturdays: 10:00 am –5:00 pm; 5 hours per day or day course options )


Continuing Education certified

Taking care of your wellness with your own hands! We can renew our body system with practice and good lifestyle. This course introduces traditional Tuina ( acupressure ) therapy for self-care and wellness. In the long history of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Tuina has been applied both for clinical treatment and self-healing or prevention. Techniques were developed for daily exercise or therapeutic application. It is a key element in the Chinese Taoist longevity practice and Qigong meditation. The teaching is a focus on well-known experiences from several wellness masters who enjoy longevity over 100 years.

Tuition: CAD$300 incl tax


There are no requirements for this course. Tuition is paid in full at the time of registration.

Foot Tao ( 30 hours)

Course length: 30 hours ( two weekends: 10:00 am –3:00 pm; 5 hours per day )

Tuition: $400 incl. tax


Reflexology has been popular for decades, the original Foot Tao behind reflexology has been practiced over thousand years history in Traditional Chinese Medicine. With the meridians system and clinical view of internal organs, the Foot Tao serves as a good wellness therapy. People who have learned reflexology will find this course makes a better understanding of internal health and extend more application of foot massage for all ages. In Taoist practice for longevity, Foot Tao is a major application, which integrated well with meditation and yoga practice. Foot Tao is also known for its benefit of heart and brain health.
Intensive “hands-on” training

We train students for career and effective practice. Our Tui Na Course is a very intensive program, which focuses on practical “hands-on” techniques drawn from many of the Chinese Tui Na great traditions or created by Prof.Chen himself.

The combination of these techniques and strategies works towards an overall goal of the total release of all tension in the body and the opening up of the channels or meridians through which the chi (life force) flows.


All attendants will receive certificate regarding each program with credit hours. Please provide correct information at the application as in accordance with continuing education registration. As for BC attendants, due to regulator CTCMA Health Act bylaw, Prof.Chen’s R.TCM P (Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner) will be applied within BC usage of a certificate, doctor title is referred to China, UK registration for international application. The US continuing education credit is also under application and North American Chinese Medicine association membership issued with a current certificate. Our training in China and Europe will follow local format certificate.


66 thoughts on “Tuina courses

  1. Hello, I am interested in your Tui na course, private weekend.
    Can I have more information. When would your next course be running?

  2. Hello, this is Serge Dahan again…
    I am wondering also when exactly will be the new tuina course in 2013? I am trying to arrange my schedule.
    Also, i am wondering what the certificate will say…Tuina practitioner or Therapist?
    Thank you for your help!

  3. Dear Dr. Chen,
    My name is Rhema…we have conversed over email before. I live in Mammoth Lakes, CA and my friend and i contacted you a few weeks ago…. When is your private weekend tuina course planned????? if appropriate would you consider making a course that is half fri-tues?? instead of the two weekends, as the journey to you is far. the hope is that we would go together, but if she doesnt take any action on doing so, i will have to go as one person…i am very eager to learn tuina…..i know it is a life lesson also. I work here in california only for the winters and then move homer to Alaska for the summers starting in may1st. Is there any private weekend courses(alltogether) happening with set dates april??? Its is a slower season here then and perhaps would have more people interestes. As i said before though, i cant count on the words of folks here if they are unsure. I must arrange it for myself…..otherwise it will hang in the air. haha. Hope to hear from you again. thankyou so much for your time. Rhema Smith

    1. Hi Rhema,
      Thanks for contact, in my last reply I planed March 16 – 19 Tuina course for you. I could start in late afternoon of March 15th, Friday, so that you could sty shorter in Vancouver. As for April, I have not set any schedule yet, though the TCM classic and Pediatric Tuina is teaching till the end of March and could extend into April. Let me know the best option and I could update the specific schedule, in case other applicant fit the same schedule, it always better to learn in small group to modeling and practice in between.

      Have a good weekend.


  4. Hi, I’m a beginner and I’m looking to learn TUINA, for this July and after do you have program? I would like to course classes related in this technique and other TCM basics, where can I find more information?

    1. Hi,
      The Tuina program 60hr does include TCM basics and related theory. As in Tuina theory is never far from practice, the best way to learn is by applying theory into action, that is the key for express training. There are some Tuina programs of 300 or 600hours teaching mainly books not much in works. My suggestion is taking a short form and practice with your learning. As for summer program, weekends on July 27 and after could works for a Tuina course. Let me know your time options.

      1. Could you please provide the courses schedule for me,too?
        I am a TCM student and I am afraid of the course schedule can not fit my school.

      2. Schedules set during weekend, Monday and Tuesday. Day or evening hours will fit most learners, you may send the time options and new course can be planned to allow better timing.

    1. The 60 hour Tuina course is on going now and we have this Saturday/Sunday teaching as in schedule. Though the course has done 15 hours, I think you still can catch up if we could find additional hours to match up the content. A Foot Tao course is in plan for Nov. I will see if anyone prefer Dec. course as well to schedule one. Thank you.

  5. Thanks for the quick response. I live in California and have a place to stay in Vancouver in December. I will keep checking back to see if something becomes available.

  6. hello My name is Rhema Smith. I am deeply interested in the tuina weekend course but am in california and cannot do a 2 weekend course style. I wrote to you last year trying to see if there was a chance of a 4 and half day course. I am trying to gather 2 more people to participate. I live in the same town as michelle mather and perhaps the two of us can talk about doing it together with someone in canada making the 3rd person ??? My job here is very busy during holiday times so january or april would work well. Do you think there is a possiblity for mid january 2014? Thankyou again for you time Dr. Chen hope to hear more from you soon. Sincerely Rhema

    1. Dear Dr Chen, I spoke with Michelle Mather about you proposed jan 17/18th start of tui na intensive. That is the one weekend she cannot go because of the busy martin luther king weekend, which she has many US ski team clients. She and I would be able to do it January 10-14 for 4.5 days or January 24-28 or if okay even the jan 30 -feb 4. These dates open up the possibility that my employer and friend Melanie Reedy(she wrote you last year too) could perhaps join us making a 3rd. but her coming is tentative. Thankyou again for your time, I appreciate your openess to communicate this matter. sincerely Rhema Smith
      p.s. in below post did you mean you have someone willing as a 3rd in vancouver presently????? if so i will wait on alerting Melanie of potentially joining.

    2. Those dates are great for me, I passed your Message along to Michelle. She should get back with me soon. When,,, we have confirmed, is there a process to give a deposit for class of do we pay on arrival??? I looked at airline tickets today to Vancouver, not too bad!! I am not sure yet if I will be able to stay with Michelle at her friends house. So I am going to look into a youth hostel??? If you have any suggestions, please pass along. I am very easy, love camping(but not in winter) and will mainly do the sleeping bag thing if i can. Get back with you soon, once i hear from Michelle. Thankyou so much, geting very excited!!

  7. oh what great news!!I will move forward with my plans and I better start a little study of my meridians etc…..I have only experienced tui na massage, but my body is very responsive to cupping/gusha……always fixes me right up. I have always wanted to learn chi gong but never live anywhere that has classes. I have been doing massage for 8 years now but this will be my first experience to have tui na and chi gong techniques to use in my practice!! I often have trouble with breath and stretching especially when i am doing work . The few times i have tried chi gong , i really felt how the warming up helped with my stretching and breathing. harnesses that energy and using it with tui na should be ver exciting to learn. Thankyou again.
    p.s As the time draws more near I will ask Melanie again if she is thinking of joining and ask if there is still an oppurtunity.

  8. Hi Dr. Chen, I am interested in taking your course and would be coming from Philadelphia. Will you be having any classes over this summer? Thanks, Curran

  9. Hello Dr. Chen, I am interested in your 60 hr. intensive workshop and wonder if there are any opportunities during the first week in Sept. Thanks, Heidi

  10. Thanks for your reply Dr. Chen, Do you have specific dates for an early Oct. workshop and do you already have other participants. Heidi

  11. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am interested in learning tuina, and I was wondering if you hold courses in Europe? And where exactly?
    Many thanks,

  12. Hello,

    I am interested in your Private Tui Na Course. I am wondering when the next available opportunity will be to participate in this course. Thank you.



      1. I am from Minnesota, USA. September may not work with my schedule.I will be taking time off in August for travel, and therefore I will not have a lot of time to take off in September. I would definitely be interested in learning more information about the private instruction.

        I am currently an acupuncturist working at a hospital setting doing both inpatient and clinic work. I have some VERY introductory training in Tui Na and I recently decided I want to develop my these skills in order to make it a more central focus in my treatment strategy.

      2. Hi,
        In that case, do you have 5 days either the weekend of Aug 15, or 22nd that might work for a private workshop? It’s great that you are practicing acupuncture already and for private workshop focus could be applied on specific demands. Like last workshop we had, an additional diagnosis lessons had be added with Tuina course.

        Hope the info be helpful to you.


  13. Unfortunately I will be in Japan across both of those dates. I think anything from October on I will be open for at your convenience.


      1. Either should work well for me. Looking over the schedule I have a few questions. Should I plan for friday through monday? and It looks like it is a 2 weekend program, how much time do you recomend inbetween the first and second weekend?

      2. For out of town learner, we could do intensive workshop that runs from Friday afternoon till whole day weekend and Monday, Tuesday to finish quicker. Each day will be a bit long from 9am to 7pm. This help for people who could manage a long weekend stay in Vancouver over 4 or 5 nights.

      3. The 5 day plan sounds great. I think the 24th would probably work the best for me. What is the application process?

  14. I’m very interested in your Tui Na Course 5 days workshop. Can you please tell me when your next session will be offered? Thanks!

    1. We have intensive workshop in Vancouver that runs from Friday afternoon till whole day weekend and Monday, Tuesday to finish quicker. Each day will start from 9am to 7pm. This help for people who could manage a long weekend stay in Vancouver over 4 or 5 nights.

      Mar.18-22, 2016

      April 15-19, 2016

      Location: 970 Burrard Street, Vancouver

      Tuition: $900 email tcmexp@gmail or call 604 518 6455 for registration.

      1. Sorry but I have decided not to take the course. Thank You for the followup



  15. Good morning,
    My name is Gianluca and I’m italian boy.
    I practice acupressure for about 2 years.
    I need a good certification of oriental health therapist.
    How can I do?
    How much does it cost?
    I live in Italy, and I can’t attend a regualr course.
    Your school is located in china?
    Thanks for your attention.
    Best regards

  16. I am intetested in the 5 day Tui Na workshop; I am a Licensed Massage Therapist in Oregon.

    Please send info.
    Many thanks.

    Bobbi Jenkins
    971 237 2959
    8450 SE Hillcrest Dr
    Amity, Or

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