Taichi is one of the best exercises for all ages and conditions. It helps to improve wellness and balance. For beginners, it is more important to learn the way how taichi benefits health than knowing a lot of forms that difficult to remember. Following the traditional way of training, anyone can learn taichi quickly and correctly.

The simplified 24 forms of yang style Taichi really make Taichi popular both in China and around the world. It was the first effort to bring Taichi into the public exercise in the 1950s and a team of Taichi masters had been called to work on it. Millions of people have tried it and it still stays as the most popular form of Taichi in and out of China. This class will introduce the basic principles and movements of Yang style taichi. Simple and easy, yet requiring mindfulness, you will learn all the basic postures, correct alignment, forms and traditional Taichi principles to improve wellness and energy.

The classical principle had been kept and it really up to the instructor to bring it into learning. Simple could mean profound as in Taoist philosophy.

Master Chen developed the new 24 forms based on the original forms to fit smaller practice space nowadays. This short form actually integrates more energy exercise with meridians system for wellness improvement.

Here is the video demo for 24 forms Taichi:


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