You get all effective benefit from Taichi with this fundamental walk, which exercises the main energy networks. 

For beginners learning Taichi, traditionally the balance stepping exercise will be introduced first to help to improve the meridians to open and tune for better balance.

Steady feet walking and balance help to improve functional mobility, improve balance, reduce falls risk, and increase lower body strength.

According to TCM, there are six regular meridians circulating in lower limbs and four extra meridians as well. The control of hip, knee joints and ankles will coordinate the turning of the spine which stretch the arch of our feet( like in orthotics).  The exercise helps people with back pain or weak limbs.

Breathing techniques with stepping exercise will help for lung capacity development so that stagnation can be removed. Although the first impression for it seems simple, a lot of information is wrapped in classical training to upgrade our wellness in smooth steps. The main principle and steps in Taichi are included in it. Please see the demo video for more details.


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