Tai Chi Qigong is the most important fundamental practice in traditional Tai Chi, which enhances the energy performance. In the past, only selected ones have the chance to learn it. More internal visualizations are integrated to assist learners to understand Tai Chi principles.

The exercise of Inner Balance, Tai Chi fits better for nowadays people. It is a good tool to extend the mind, stretch the body and approach calmer, hence relieve the everyday stress. Tai Chi is also well-known for its therapeutic function for cardio health, spine wellness, internal balance and other benefits for general health.

The class is designed to help everyone, no matter you never try Tai Chi before or want to upgrade your practice, as the original way of training discloses more master’s secret to learners. The therapeutic focus is applied to help people understand the classical longevity exercise in China.  The teacher’s TCM professional background will help you out during the whole range of learning, as malpractice does risk practitioner’s health. Learning from books or DVDs cannot avoid misunderstanding as the form of martial art means only onsite oral direction and any move should be corrected before you nurse a bad habit. Osteopath and sports injury clinical experience are integrated within the teaching.


Easy to start and follow, you should be able to practice your own at home for each move you learned at class.

Traditional, practical and medical, the program has been approved successfully over 18 years.

Effective beginner’s class with specific moves designed to help you feel relaxed, yet alive and energized.

It is unnecessary to learn a large number of confusing moves to benefit from tai chi practice. In fact, too many people quit in frustration if the process becomes too complicated, losing all possible benefit. It is the quality of each individual move matters, not the number of moves. Each move in Tai Chi should be taught thoroughly for maximum enjoyment and benefits.

Classes feature a relaxing classic Chinese music background, as well as a presentation of various areas of tai chi philosophy and movement applications.

Master Chen has taught tai chi locally and internationally over 25 years. The teaching is great by itself or as a supplement to your Tai chi, yoga, meditation or Pilates practice!

Get key secrets from tai chi, qi gong, meditation, TCM, modern science and medicine techniques and do them simultaneously, rather than one at a time.

Grasp the principle of Tai Chi is the target for every Tai Chi practitioners. You will access the key knowledge with the step by step guidance.

Master Chen’s Bio

Started martial art practice since 1982, Master Chen followed master Ho to obtain traditional Tai Chi practice of Chen’s and Yang’s style in China.  He followed Master Zhenduo Yang’s teaching in 90’s. Yang’s father is the founder of Yang’s style Tai Chi in the beginning of last century. Master Chen was the president of Shangdong University Martial Art Association in the 90s and started teaching martial arts since then.

Tai Chi Qigong is also very therapeutic to help wellness approach. It works to be a good energy exercise for Tuina therapist. Tai Chi masters spend more time on this practice to help their senior health. The Master Zhao Zhongdao(1843-1962) who set up a Tai Chi Qigong workshop in Beijing in 1950’s at his age of 100. Another famous master Wu Tunan was still practicing Tai Chi at his 100 age. See the photos here for his practice. We adopt practice forms from both above masters in our workshop.

See here a brief demo video of Taichi Qigong: