Continuing education for Oriental Medicine

OMAlogoOriental Medicine Academy has been devoted to teaching the  Oriental Medicine for clinical practice. We understand there are many important knowledge and skills have not been well instructed in common education of Oriental medicine. For example, the diagnosis by pulsation analysis, abdominal examination, medical palmistry reading, facial observation,  clinical locations of acupuncture points and acutunnels,  Tuina therapy and its specific energy networks, and energy exercises for rehabilitation or improvement of clinical practice etc.

Fundamental theory, clinical hand on experience, and good energy are three keys in the way of mastering Oriental Medicine. They are very important to enable a correct and precise diagnosis for appropriate treatment.

We offer over 10 part-time workshops to teach Tuina, Acupuncture, TCM classics for diagnosis, Taichi, Qigong, Meditation, and Taoist yoga etc.

We help to remove the culture gap and inadequate training that weaken most learners and practitioners in the West.  In our library, there are a thousand volumes of books on Chinese medicine published in history. Most of them have not yet been translated to the West, while those classics are the solid foundation of oriental medicine that TCM practitioners should learn.

Small class teaching and hands-on instruction is still the way to teach TCM in a clinic than in a classroom. Meditation and energy exercise are the basic demands for learning Oriental Medicine so that the diagnosis and treatment will be more effective. We teach the specific skills that valued by traditional schools and proved by clinical practices.

We have provided workshops in China, UK, and North America since 2000.

Free demo videos and instructions are offered on our website for your reference.