Many kids or teens spend their after school hours in martial arts school today to lead an active lifestyle. Oriental style martial arts are well known to the western community. 

Hsing Yi, though less well known than both Tai Chi and Kung Fu by the general public, has consistently produced the most revered martial artists in China, artists known for dominating opponents in full contact challenges.It is also a good exercise for kids’ wellness as it practices the meridian system according to the ancient philosophy of ” five elements” in TCM. Children normally start their study of Hsing-yi from the age of 6 as it is the best time for the “chi” to develop.

Five Element Theory, also less known than the Yin/Yang dualistic understanding of Tai Chi, holds a creative and destructive relationship between the Five Elements and seeks to utilize these relationships for the creation of energy within the practitioner and the destruction of an opponent. Each element is associated with specific internal organs system and that makes the Hsing-yi benefits the development of internal system besides other positive results from martial arts training as follow:

  • Better Manners
  • Respect for parents and other authority figures
  • A high degree of self-respect
  • A desire to set and achieve goals
  • The strength to say “NO” to unhealthy peer pressure
  • Better grades in school plus increased attendance
  • The self-discipline to do what they know they should do without  being told
  • Better concentration skills
  • Physical and mental self-defense
  • Better fitness
  • Better motor skills, coordination, and strength
Below is the demo clip for traditional 5 Xing Hsing Yi exercise in slow flow.

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