Popular foot reflexology was founded with reference to Chinese book about Footpoint acupressure, though the original Foot Tao has a longer history and profound details.

The first book of TCM has published about 2000 years ago, which described the meridian system that associated the whole body with internal organs. Recently unearthed documents disclosed how people treat disease using the meridian in feet and lower limb 2000 years ago.Acupoint foot

During the 2nd and 3rd century of China, Traditional Chinese Medicine developed its theory with extensive clinical experience. Dr. Hua Tuo was one of those masters and specialized in acupuncture, internal medicine, and surgical operation. He invented “Foot Tao” to practice his experience in wellness together with “Five animal energy exercise” which still be practiced today as a Qigong form.

In the long history of Taoist practice for wellness, Foot Tao practice has been applied to promote the energy channels from the lower limb to exercise the vital essence, qi, and spirit of life.

As the ancient Chinese term “foot” actually indicates the lower limb below the knee joint, hence the original Foot Tao works on an extended area with 22 different meridians.  Points located in that energy network have specific links with internal organs according to the classical theory of Five Elements. In order to promote better the circulation of the energy flow, manipulations and stretches are applied to stimulate the channels.  Therefore, Foot Tao is a traditional therapy which covers a larger area than common reflexology and practiced with profound medical principle and techniques.

In traditional Taoist wellness practice, Foot Tao is taken as the simulator of our solar system. The extra meridian system is the major system for the transformation of the essence, qi and spirit, and the feet is a resource of that system.  From the view of Taoist yogi, Foot Tao is a must have knowledge for health and wellness improvement.

This new course is credited by CMT for continuing education for 20 credits of Cycle 8.

Please see a short demo video as below:


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